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Hello! :) My name is Angel Moreno and I'm a freelance videographer, photographer & editor based out of Nashville, Tennessee. 

I was originally born in Puerto Rico and moved to the states with my family around the age of 12. During this transition, I did not have a lot friends so I turned to the arts for comfort. Inspired by all kinds of films, music videos & photoshoots, I picked up my first camera and completely fell in love with the process of making visions come to life. 

You can describe my style as moody and dramatic, with a hint of retro. My goal is to capture REAL emotions and moments, then make those moments vibrantly stand out in the editing process!


I offer a wide variety of photo & video production work topped with creative visuals, unique editing styles and cinematic sound design. For more information, please visit the Services page or Showreel to see what we've done so far. 


Have ideas? Let's talk about it! Please submit a Contact form with as much details as possible and I'll be in touch! 

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